OpenAPI Initializer

March 30, 2021

Written By: Matt Trask


Laravel,  Openapi
OpenAPI Initializer

Back in November, as I was bootstrapping another service for a massive project at work, I had an idea to write a quick command that would quickly scaffold an OpenAPI YAML file. I started tinkering with it little by little and decided that it would serve a greater purpose as a stand alone package and help bootstrap my companies FOSS efforts. It turned into the OpenAPI Initializer, which is available now as a package for Laravel projects.

What is OpenAPI?

If you've hung around me long enough you will know I am a big proponent of OpenAPI. Formerly known as Swagger, it is an initiative for designing and consuming REST APIs, by both humans and machines. OpenAPI is a one stop shop for documentation, validation, and more. To see a list of libraries built around OpenAPI, check out

OpenAPI Initializer

To install this package you can either add it to the composer.json file or run the command:

composer require --dev primitive/openapi-initializer

This package is compatible with Laravel versions 6.x, 7.x and 8.x. As soon as 9.x is generally avaialble, we will be fully compatible.

To run the command:

php artisan openapi:create

and the command will walk you through every step of the way. We tried to be as thoughtful as possible. We even give you the option to install Spectral which is a JS library that allows you to lint your OpenAPI document.

Here is all of the questions the package asks you as you scaffold up your OpenAPI document:

An image of a terminal showing the output from running the Laravel command php artisan openapi:create

We offer minimal defaults for OpenAPI version (which will be bumped once 3.1.0 is available) and what version your project is starting at.

The last thing you may notice is that I recommend Stoplight's tooling. While I am not sponsored by them, I can whole heartedly recommend them.

To check out the package, the repo is here. Please open an issue if you have an idea you'd like us to consider, or if you run into an issue with the command.