10 years of Laravel!

June 14, 2021

Written By: Matt Trask


Php,  Laravel
10 years of Laravel!

Laravel, the framework of choice here at Primitive, is (as of just last week) on its way to the 4th grade. If it were a human in America, that is.

But, since it’s not, that translates to the PHP prodigy turning a cool ten years old. And when looking back, it’s nothing short of wild to think how time has flown from the first release of Laravel to what it has turned into.

For reference, we use Laravel to power this CMS. We leverage its robust event handler and deep integrations to various open-source packages to allow us to publish our client’s content with ease...in seconds. In terms of client projects, we’ve used it to: 

- Build an apartment management company’s back office application covering all of their day-to-day actions for their accountants and property managers, along with an application that allows their residents to pay their rent every month, create service requests, and more.

- Build an expense tracker* - an application that manages course registrations (online and in-person) that allow doctors to do amazing things with ultrasounds and so many other diverse and nuanced projects.

Just for fun, the “line of code” count for the PHP side of the resident portal is 18,253. The back office app for the apartment management company is 68,055. And the expense tracker app? 4101.

Although the number of lines sounds daunting, it’s because of Laravel’s rich community of knowledgeable developers that we’re able to use open-source projects to then leverage into state-of-the-art applications for our clients.

Laravel can bend to whatever it is we’re crafting, and we couldn’t be happier with that!

We couldn’t be more thankful for Laravel, its community, and the continued innovation that we are able to utilize for our partner clients.Here’s to the next ten years of Laravel and everything around it, cheers!